EC Portfolio




Whalers Sports
Kentucky Derby Bourbon
Newtown Memorial Fund
WOZA Soccer
Chicago Booth
Beekley Corp.
King Phillip Middle School
United Way
Beacon Prescriptions
ANI Electric
Dental Coaches
Cianci Creative
Many Startups...

Also worked on pieces for:

Medical & Big Pharma
Crabtree & Evelyn



A Little About Me

Born and raised in Connecticut now living in Simsbury CT, I’ve always had a passion for art and design. Starting my career as a pre-press production designer, I quickly realized that the digital world was the way of the future. My passion since then has been learning as much as I can about Digital Applications, User Experiences, Developing Brands and using my traditional talents of art and photography to create award winning print products and digital applications .

Along the road I’ve worked both as an in-house designer for large corporations, at an agency and as a freelancer. The agency environment taught me to juggle multiple clients and to work fast and efficiently. Working in-house, I learned to follow brand guidelines, work with multiple departments and to be creative, while still maintaining consistency. Lastly, freelancing has strengthened my communication skills with clients and developed my independent problem solving abilities. My combined learnings from these three worlds has given me the experience and confidence to work with amazing clients within the U.S. My overall focus is on building happy and healthy long-term partnerships with clients by providing unique insights and quality design.

When I’m not designing, you’ll find me outside taking photos with my growing family or planning a trip for a new adventure. I also enjoy wood working and making custom pieces of furniture that grace our lovely cottage home. When I feel my life getting a little wound up I find running and cycling as a great outlook to relax and let my mind be free. If you’re interested in working together or just want to say hi, I’d love to hear from you.